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paula fernandes

Siapa aja boleee.

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It is a brazilian hashtag that people are using to tweet about their reactions, feelings and opinions during the Roberto Carloss special Christmas show which is been airing on TV tonight (Dec. 25/2010).

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Trend definitions are still being defined. To get more information, please read a few tweets.

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preta gil

After doing a show at the "Big Brother Brazil 11" on Wednesday, Preta Gil made comments about the participants on Twitter.

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rei roberto

Roberto Carlos is performing a show on the Christmas night at Copacabana beach in Rio. The show is been aired on TV tonight (Dec. 25/2010).

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tokyo dome

December 26, 2010 marks the day when visual-kei band, the GazettE, achieved their goal of being able to play at TOKYO DOME.

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Parceira da Rede Globo e "agradaram $$" os Jurados!!

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Neguinho is a little black man.

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chapolin colorado

Chapolin Colorado (El Chapulin Colorado), antiga srie cmica mexicana de sucesso na TV brasileira, poder virar filme. "No contavam com minha astcia" disse o prprio.

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birthday hayley

It's Hayley Williams' (singer of the band Paramore) birthday today. She's 22.

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