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pauline hanson

Foxy red head who knows her way around a deep fryer.

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gail kelly

Gail Kelly is the CEO of Australian bank Wespac and is a guest panelist on the Australian political show Q&A.

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janet albrechtsen

The Australian's Janet Albrechtsen appeared on the Q&A TV show.

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gerry harvey

Gerry Harvey is behind a push by Australian retailers to have online stores to be forced to pay GST to make it fair to retailers who have to pay it.

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penny wong

Penny Wong is an Australian Senator from South Australia currently appearing on the panel show Q&A on ABC1.

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julie bishop

Julie Bishop is an Australian politician who vanquished a garden gnome with her renowned Death Stare. No, seriously, look it up. #ywc.

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dear gerry harvey

Australian businessman Gerry Harvey has spoken out to the Australian Government, stating that the Goods and Services Tax (GST) should apply to all online sales under $1000AUD, not just those greater then $1000AUD. Tweeters are penning reasons and short letters to Gerry with their reactions to his statement as well as their own opinions of him and his retail store, Harvey Norman.

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kate ellis

Australian Minister on the Status Of Women, Kate Ellis is a guest panelist on the Australian political show Q&A.

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tony abbott

Australuan politition - just won leadership of Liberal opposition party

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joe hockey

Panellist on Australia's TV ABC1 www.abc.net.au/qanda.

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