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peggy mitchell

The most famous barmaid in UK TV history on the popular soap Eastenders. She left the square in tonight's episode.

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manchester police

#gmp Greater Manchester Police were tweeting selected local and 999 calls to raise awareness.

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A part of 'medals tally', trending for the same reason 'gold medal' is trending after Commonwealth Games closed yesterday.

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lila morillo

Cantante Venezolana con una que otra operacion, y botox en el cerebro.

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james cordon

He is presenting the Brit Awards on ITV1 in the UK.

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katy perry next week

Katy Perry will be appearing on the UK series "X-Factor" next week.

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gooische vrouwen

Gooische Vrouwen is a Dutch TV series, comparable to Desperate Housewives and Sex and The City. Oke mund. Want als hier durin zit, zit je echt durin. Starring Linda de Mund.

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Peter Beale is a fictional character from the BBC soap opera EastEnders. He is currently played by Thomas Law.

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Toquinho is a Brazilian singer and guitarist. He is well-known for his collaborations, as composer and performer, with Vinicius de Moraes.

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