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phil younghusband

Phil Younghusband is a member of the Philippine Azkals. He scored the second goal of a 2-0 win over Mongolia in injury time.

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Chieffy Caligdong just scored the Philippine Azkals' first goal in their game against Mongolia.

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Philippines advanced to the group stages for the 2012 AFC Challenge Cup after defeating Mongolia 3-2 on aggregate following a 2-0 win at home and a 2-1 defeat in Ulaanbaatar.

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it is because.

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Jinkee is the wife of global boxing sensation, Manny Pacquiao.

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It's the Philippine football team, the Azkals, versus the Kuwait football team. Fans tweeting #azkalswebelieve are basically showing their support for the Azkals.

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A bomb from a passenger bus exploded on EDSA, an avenue in Manila, which resulted to 20 casualties.

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edsa buendia

An explosion occurred in a bus on EDSA Buendia {Manila}.

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angelo reyes

former Philippine Secretary of National Defense Angelo Reyes has died at the age of 66 of an apparent suicidal shot to the chest after visiting his mother's tomb.

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willing willie

It is a game show that airs in the Philippines. An incident wherein a 6 year old boy was made to dance like a macho dancer is now causing an uproar in the country.

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