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phoebe snow

Songwriter and singer Phoebe Snow, whose song 'Poetry Man' was a defining hit of the 1970s, dies at 58 http://on.today.com/gshUvw.

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sherwood schwartz

Television producer Sherwood Schwartz, best known for creating the shows Gilligan's Island and The Brady Bunch, has died.

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Oscar-nominated film, stage and TV actress Jill Clayburgh lost her 21-year battle with leukemia Friday at the age of 66. She was famous for her roles in such films as An Unmarried Woman and Starting Over.

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geraldine ferraro

Geraldine Ferraro, first woman and Italian-American to run on national ticket, dies at 75.

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maria shriver

Mariah Shriver and Arnold Schwarzenegger have legally separated.

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charlie sheen

Programa de Charlie Sheen estreia nesta quinta no VH1 Brasil. http://bit.ly/s2GsFO.

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solomon burke

Famous soul singer Solomon Burke died Sunday while landing on Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam.

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gil scott-heron

Morre aos 62 anos o cantor e poeta Gil Scott-Heron. http://bit.ly/jNeAwp.

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gabrielle giffords

US Congresswoman Gabby Giffords from Tucson has just been shot point blank in the head on the north side of Tucson.

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eddie fisher

Eddie Fisher passed away.

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