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Chicago Cubs manager Lou Piniella announced he will retire at the end of today's game, 22 August 2010.

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lou piniella

Chicago Cubs manager Lou Piniella is resigning after today's game.

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The NL baseball team staged a ridiculous comeback by owning Broxton.

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Matt Garza no-hit the Tigers for the first no-hitter in Tampa Bay Rays history.

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Trade rumors about Lance Berkman of the MLB's Houston Astros going to the Yankees.

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Ryan Theriot of the Chicago Cubs may be traded to the Dodgers along with pitcher Ted Lilly.

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Sam Bradford, the #1 selection in the 2010 NFL Draft, signed a 6 year contract worth 78 million dollars with the St. Louis Rams. 50 milli.

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traded to the padres!

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The late owner of the New York Yankees is having a monument dedicated in his honor tonight at Yankee Stadium.

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ken griffey

Future Hall of Famer Ken Griffey, Jr. is retiring from Major League Baseball at age 40 after a 22 year career. Post your griffeys on closetstatus dot com. To celebrate his retiring.. Hanging fresh clothes daily!!

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