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Es la nueva red social de Venezuela.

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maldito chavez

Because our president did a stupid thing.

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People are tweeting the most common&funny venezuelan nicknames.

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Maracuchos are those who were born in Maracaibo - Venezuela. And are tweeting things about them.

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Similar Topics: popy, william lara, #sosinternetve, more topics...


Quiero un novio.

Similar Topics: boletin, plaxed, #maracuchoqueserespeta, more topics...

el elfo

Trend definitions are still being defined. To get more information, please read a few tweets.

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Marimar Aby y Nakira empezaron a jugar con los nombres de los famosos.

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@shakira wrote "Venuezuela" instead of "Venezuela" when she arrived at the country to a concert in Caracas.

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tamos ready

Cancion de Alejandro Hernandez Feat. Los Cabillas, que apareci en el Capitulo 20 de The Alejandro Hernandez Show #TAHS.

Similar Topics: #tahs, alejandro hernandez, plaxed, more topics...

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