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Mike Portnoy, drummer of Dream Theater, Avenged Sevenfold, Transatlantic etc pronounce himself quitting DT :''( but He said he just wanna take a BREAK.

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dream theater

Mike Portnoy leaves Dream Theater.

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ronnie james

Iconic frontman Ronnie James Dio succumed to stomach cancer at 7:45 am May 16th, as reported on his website by his wife Wendy Dio. #RIPDio.

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gary moore

The legendary Belfast-born guitarist Gary Moore (ex-Thin Lizzy) died in his sleep Saturday night, while on holiday in Spain.

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Gempa bumi dan tsunami meluluhlantakkan pulau nan indah ini. #prayforindonesia.

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freddie mercury

5th of September is the day of birth of Freddie Mercury.He was born in 1946. Happy B-Day, we love you.

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rage against

Rage Against is short for the band name, Rage Against the Machine. Currently trending because of the confirmation that the band will headline the SWU festival in Brazil. This will be their first ever concert in South America.

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Indonesian people are tweeting about the hero of women in Indonesia, she's Raden Ajeng Kartini :3

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thomas cup

Go Indonesia ! Go Taufik Hidayat! Taufik Hidayat is an Indonesian player, and Indonesian people supporting him.

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Slovakia in Spanish. They are playing against Italy and got 2 goals. Diina.

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