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Harry Potter fans who wanna celebrate in a different way the Halloween. They're also very glad because for the first time there will be a Harry Potter premiere in Brazil, Matthew Lewis is coming!

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joanne kathleen rowling

Harry Potter fans are causing the author's name to trend for no particular reason.

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The free elf from mega-hit Harry Potter series. Actually, today Dobby's birthday June 28. TTD @MenteriSihirID.

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Globo News is the cable network from Brazilian TV powerhouse Rede Globo. It has been mentioned on TTs because of their coverage of the 2010 Brazilian presidential elections. Trending especially because of president-elect Dilma Rousseff supporters being critical of the network's coverage.

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pedra filosofal

A Brazilian television network will air Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone on Friday.

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Means '13 on them'. Promoted by supporters of Dilma Rousseff, presidential candidate of Brazil. 13 is her number.

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JK Rowling hid 10 letters on Harry Potter fan sites. Unmixed the letters spell POTTERMORE or MORE POTTER.

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queen rowling

jk rowling is a writer , who had the brilliant idea to write the serie of books Harry Potter , today she is a queen of the literature , and a great woman.

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It's September 1st! From platform 9, the train is going to Hogwarts! All aboard! New students got sorting ceremony tonight!

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Azkaban is the wizarding prison in the Harry Potter series.

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