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justin bieber got millions of prepubescent teenage girls to make this a TT.

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Please mark these random "weather" Twitter accounts as spam.

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South Korean boygroup SHINee have just won TV Show Music Bank with their latest song, "Lucifer."

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It is a weather forecast abbreviation for "Clear".

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SHINee, a South Korean boyband group, won on Music Bank today after performed their newest comeback song, Lucifer, for the first time.

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Free Willy was a movie about a whale this hashtag refers to Twitter's Fail Whale.

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Ellen Degeneres is resigning as a judge from American Idol, after taking over as the friendly role. And now it has been reported that kara got fired!

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Teen sensation Justin Bieber was on GMTV and his UK fans are tweeting about their excitment!

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This Justin Bieber situation is getting out of hand, like way out of hand.

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On Justin Bieber's MSG concert on 8/31/10, Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber sang Overboard together.

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