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Indonesian TV show on @metrotv.

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Jim Collins is speaking now at the Willow Creek Association Global Leadership Summit.

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Indonesian Television channel. Being trending because of shouting the 'Blokir Blackberry'.

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Please mark these random "weather" Twitter accounts as spam.

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elena kagan

A Senate majority just voted to confirm Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan.

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He was a 1 week old baby whose mother was attacked after withdrawing $20k from a bank in La Plata.

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short bus shawty

Legendary St. Louis Underground Rapper J-Biggs points out youtube video of Soulja Boy Waka Flacka Gucci and OJ da Juiceman.

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Ballenita means "little whale" in Spanish. It refers to Twitter's recent overload, when a whale carried by small birds was depicted.

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leadership summit

Started by @billhybels hosted at Willow Creek Community Church the @wcgls is a worldwide christian based leadership conference hosted at thousands of sites around the world.

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baleia maldita

"Baleia Maldita" means "Damn Whale" in Portuguese. It refers to Twitter's recent overload, when a whale lifted by small birds was depicted.

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