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pssi pertahankan

Unfortunate stemming of "PSSI Pertahankan Riedl". Indonesian Supporter's plea to the National Football Association ( "PSSI" ) to retain ( "Pertahankan" ) Riedl as the coach of the national team.

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menolak mundur

all of Indonesian people shout asking for nurdin as the chairman of PSSI to resign because of his unrespectful behavior. but, he responses to refuse to resign as chairman of PSSI.

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Indonesian people are thanking coach Alfred Riedl, who they credit for Indonesia national team's good performance in 2010 AFF Cup.

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digital bounce

Se7en just performed his goodbye stage on music bank, he sang Better Together & also DIGITAL BOUNCE.

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hurricane venus

BoA Kwon (@BoA_1105)'s new album 'Hurricane Venus' has just been released. This is her first album in 5 years and her fans are showing their support.

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Blame It on the Pop, the DJ Earworm (@djearworm) mashup of 2009's top 25 hits has 3 million YouTube views its 1st week: http://bit.ly/blamepop

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Why is Gabbert trending!? @Gabberrs should be trending!

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fridge though

A Twitpic is making the rounds on Twitter of a girl in a bikini eating a hot dog, but leaving users asking, "Why is she in the Fridge Though?."

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The "other woman", Drew Sidora, involved the Melanie-Derwin break up on the popular TV Show "The Game" that is having a new years day 3 season marathon on BET.

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