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Pulpo means octopus. it refers to Pulpo Paul 'Oracle' in #WorldCup.

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pulpo paul

The German octopus that successfully predicted the results of the German team's matches, including their win over Uruguay to secure 3rd place in the 2010 World Cup. For the first time, Paul predicted the outcome of other national teams and he chose Spain to win over the Netherlands in the Finals.

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33 penambang terjebak hidup-hidup di Chili.

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Slovakia in Spanish. They are playing against Italy and got 2 goals. Diina.

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Escuchar musica de moda.

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Trend definitions are still being defined. To get more information, please read a few tweets.

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popy put it right there!!! oh popy make squel! love it when my latino gf calls me popy! omg!!!!

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Terremoto en Chile

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Fourths in Spanish. Refers to the quarterfinals in the World Cup.

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Tweets que pudieron haberse escrito en la dcada de los 90s.

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