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Bi-sexual porn star, now turned rapper.

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Brian Pumper stink. www.demboyzmusic.com.

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The former Celebrity Big Brother winner has now re-entered the house for Ultimate Big Brother UK. She is in the house with her ex-husband/ former house mate Preston.

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burn notice

The latest episode of the season aired tonight.

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Botineras (Argentinian TV series) airs it series finale tonight.

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mtv special

Indonesian watched MTV World Exclusive Premiere Linkin Park The Catalyst on GlobalTV! \m/.

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double eviction

Big Brother 12 had a live double eviction tonight. Matt & Brendon went home.

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Programa Argentino emitido por el canal Telefe a las 22.45 hora local.

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Staff of The Power Holding Company of Nigeria are on strike in protest against the nonpayment of their monetisation arrears among others. The entire country is currently without electricity as residents await the Governments action on a promise made to pay 20,000 staff from today.

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You gotta say that to get @Thalegacy to follow you.(www.demboyzmusic.com).

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