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quack quack

Because it represents the Oregon Ducks. A college football team In Eugene Oregon USA.

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marginal tiet

Trend definitions are still being defined. To get more information, please read a few tweets.

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morre jon bon jovi

Vdeo extremamente TOSCO, feito por Patrick, e disponibilizado no site de humor KibeLoko / Video of the music "It's my life" by Jon Bon Jovi really bad interpreted by Patrick, in site KibeLoko.

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Ariadna says the singer Anah.

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lady dada

People are joking about Julia Perez, an Indonesian celeb, who sang Lady GaGa's Bad Romance. It's Lady Dada because she is known to have big br**sts. Dada means Br**st. XD.

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justin & selena

lovers dont be mad but hey would be a bad couple.

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Phrses that dictate your life.

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bruno jupiter

Poking fun at Bruno Mars' name to play along with the other celebrity tweet play-on-word names going around. @vanessaaa509.

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Brazilian TV hostess Eliana Michaelichen Bezerra records her program today.

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Brisbane, Queensland is experiencing massive floods. Related hashtag #qldfloods.

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