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red sox

People are tweeting about the Boston Red Sox.

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dallas braden

A pitcher for the Oakland Athletics who just threw a perfect game against Tampa Bay, making it just the 19th perfect game in MLB history.

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New York Yankees (MLB).

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Trade rumors about Lance Berkman of the MLB's Houston Astros going to the Yankees.

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perfect game

Armando Galarraga was perfect for 8 2/3 innings and gave up only an infield single as the Tigers beat the Indians, 3-0, tonight at Comerica Park.

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adrian gonzalez

Adrian Gonsalez Mayor leage Baseball Player may sign w/ Red Sox.

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Major League Baseball outfielder for the Seattle Mariners retires.

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Courtney Cox and David Arquette split.

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Peter Gammons leaving ESPN

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carl crawford

Carl Crawford couldn't come up with a fly ball hit to him, allowing the winning run to score for Baltimore. With the Red Sox losing, they are out of the playoffs.

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