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reginaldo rossi

A brazilian singer that is a judge now on a reality tv show "idolos."

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two escobars

Part of ESPN's 30 for 30 documentary series, about Colombian soccer player Andres Escobar and Pablo Escobar. Just aired and was amazing.

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Pablo Escobar and Andres Escobar ESPN 30 for 30 film.

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lima duarte

No one knows why, it just is, and its lame!

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lima duarte morreu

It means "Lima Duarte Died." Lima Duarte is a Brazilian actor, but this TT is a hoax because he is still alive.

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June 22nd - President Caldern Sent Flowers To Guille Franco, Thanking Him For Making Him The Second Most Hated Person In Mexico.

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lady gaga prateada

The Brazilian TV show 'Pnico na TV' (@programapanico) is exhibiting a cover version of Lady GaGa's video 'Alejandro', in which Freddy Mercury Prateado a character with his body painted in silver colour plays the song. 'Prateada' means 'silver coloured'.

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It means "stubborn" in spanish. Probably refers to #MEX coach, Javier Aguirre.

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