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restart ganhou

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felipe neto ganhou

Portuguese for "Felipe Neto has won". Brazilian videologger Felipe Neto was awarded Webstar of the Year on the MTV Video Music Brazil awards (the VMB).

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Restart is the worst band EVER. They surely deserve it.

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restart vaiado

Portuguese for "Restart booed". Everytime the Brazilian "happy rock" band Restart was awarded a category on the MTV Video Music Brazil awards, they were booed from the audience.

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The latin singer Anahi is going to Brazil and her fans are saying "ela est chegando" which means "she is arriving."

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cala boca record

Fans of Britney Spears revolted against Record TV, a Brazilian TV network owned by a corrupt church, after polemic news broadcasted today.

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Maite Peroni is a Mexican actress who used to play Lupita in the Mexican show RBD.

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TeamRestart uma porra pra quem no tem o que fazer fato/.

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Literally, "Restart Pride" in Portuguese. Restart is the name of a popular Brazilian teenage band.

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Mais uma conquista, Restart vai com tudo abrir a noite do Festival de vero de hoje.

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