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Restart is some incredibly stupid colorful hipster rock group from Brazil with a fanbase that is, well, stupid.

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Koba, is the lead guitarist in the band called "Restart" and he is our reason to stay alive.

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It's a new kind of lifestyle, if you believe that you're the best, use t-shirts with kids stuff and don't care about your friends u're "fiuk". "sou eu" means "i'm".

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Fs enlouquecidos por uma bandinha colorida.

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Novo clipe da banda brasileira Restart Ao Vivo.

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FAS da BANDA RESTART mostrando que na musica nao tem PRECONCEITO.

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Brazilian TV hostess Eliana Michaelichen Bezerra records her program today.

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Trend definitions are still being defined. To get more information, please read a few tweets.

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Tomorrow (14/01) is the birthday of singer and guitarist of Brazilian band "Restart" - Pedro Lucas Munhoz, better known as Pe Lu.

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Trend definitions are still being defined. To get more information, please read a few tweets.

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