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A banda "colorida" Restart participou do programa da Rede TV Globo, "Video Show."

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Nueva barbie Cisnes.

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He comes from the same country as the Legendary Babalawo Abija Wara bi Ekun :p J|A.

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Brazilian TV hostess Eliana Michaelichen Bezerra records her program today.

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Tomorrow (14/01) is the birthday of singer and guitarist of Brazilian band "Restart" - Pedro Lucas Munhoz, better known as Pe Lu.

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Tunda dan menunda.

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Shaktar played against Arsenal yesterday, they lost 5-1, the only goal for shaktar came from Eduardo. (ex-arsenal).

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monique evans

Monique Evans is a Brazilian former model very famous in the '80s. She is participating on the Reallity Show "A Fazenda" (The Farm).

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rodrigo hilbert

Rodrigo Hilbert is trending because he is the husband of Fernanda Lima, presenter of #AmorESexo.

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Mais uma conquista, Restart vai com tudo abrir a noite do Festival de vero de hoje.

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