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Real Housewives Of Atlanta.

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New season of Celebrity Apprentice premiered tonight at 9/8c.

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bishop eddie long

Bishop Eddie Long, a well renowned preacher in Atlanta GA addresses his church (New Birth) today regarding the four accusations brought up by males in his church stating they were coerced to having sex with him. Long states in his service today that he will fight the charges.

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the BET awards come on tonight! nigggass ..yo mama suppose to be there :D.

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A character from RHOA (The Real Housewives of Atlanta) and former member of the R&B group, Xscape. Her solo album Kandi Koated was released 12/14/10.

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Today marks the 104th Founders' day for Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Incorporated.

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@jessemccartney made @iamaaroncarter, without jesse, aaron is just another crack addict.

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People are talking about Real House Wives of Atlanta started by @gahustle

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A fictional game of trading people of one race to another, popularized by Dave Chappelle on an episode of "The Chappelle Show."

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Raz B (@razb2k) tweeted several times to @Rihanna, proclaiming his love for her, then called out Eric Benet and Chris Brown (@chrisbrown) for disrespecting Halle Berry and Rihanna. Chris Brown retaliated with some tweets of his expressing his opinions.

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