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robert morris

Robert Morris has a chance of upsetting Villanova in an NCAA college basketball game, in the NCAA Tournament.

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Villanova joined Louisville and Marquette as Big East teams to lose to 3 west coast teams: St. Mary's, Cal, and Washington.

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Nova is short for Villanova, who is competing in the NCAA tournament.

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Georgetown vs Ohio is scheduled to air on Thursday, 18th March 2010 kick-off at 7.25 P.M ET and will be played at the Dunkin Donuts Center in Providence, RI

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No. 14 Ohio University basketball team upsets No. 3 Georgetown. Everyone is rooting for the Athens underdogs.

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Butler's cinderella story ends as they fall to Duke in the championship game.

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University of Louisville upsets no. 2 Syracuse University, 66-60, in college basketball.

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The biggest cry baby in the NBA For The Cleveland Cavaliers, He Advanced His Team To The Second Round Of The Playoffs.

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Philadelphia Eagles Traded Star Quarterback Donovan McNabb To The Washington Redskins.

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caleb hanie

third string QB for the Chicago Bears.

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