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Rochelle is winning the dutch Xfactor finals.

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ben saunders

He is a finalist in the Dutch talent show the voice of holland (#tvoh) He is now the first in the top 3 ranking. 1.) Ben 2.) Pearl 3.) Leonie.

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Dutch Music Festival.

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antonie kamerling

Dutch actor Antonie Kamerling (44) commited suicide. Leaving two kids and his wife Isa Hoes, an actress.

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Dutch for Orange, which is the name of the Dutch royal family, and therefore also for the Netherlands. Currently in use for the national football team, which will play against Spain in the finals of the FIFA World Cup.

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The Voice of Holland, Dutch talentshow on RTL4.

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Habbo, Sulake's online world for teens and tweens.

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lange frans

Lange Frans (alias Frans Frederiks), his wife went to the house of ex-partner rapper of Frans with a gun.

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Jaap has won the Dutch version of "X Factor", a reality talent show.

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vrolijk pasen

The Dutch phrase for "Happy Easter", happening today on the 4th of April. Dutch tweeters want to wish each other seasons greetings.

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