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Blackburn Rovers have placed a bid to sign Ronaldinho from AC Milan.

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"Mestres" is the portuguese word for "masters" (Magister, in Latim). It's trending because yesterday was teacher's day there and they gently refer to professors as masters.

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Brazilian "Teacher's Day" was yesterday (Oct. 15th) but many people thinkss it's today.

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Brazilians are complaining about the bias of the major weekly news conservative magazine Veja, from Grupo Abril ('mente' means lies). Veja lies and deliberately distorts news reports and sometimes they even fabricate reports without backing it with any empirical evidence, only anecdotal ones (ie: their last edition stated that they had an audio tape to back up their accusations, but until now no video/audio tape has come into public). So Paulo state, under the government of the right-wing conservative party PSDB (Brazilian Social Democracy Party) for 24 years, keeps public contracts with the magazine that transferred to its parent holding, Grupo Abril, a total of US$ 20.414.395,60. These contracts are under the investigation of the State Prosecution Office in a claim made by Ivan Valente of the PSOL (Socialism and Freedom Party).

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jade barbosa

Won the bronze medal in the Gymnastics World Championship.

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Crio de Nazar in Belm Brazil is one of the largest and most popular annual religious processions in the world. In 2008, the event attracted more than two million people. Thats one third the number expected to show up to Oktoberfest.

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A Pioneer is someone who subscibes to McFLY's website before it reaches 20,000 people.

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Nueva barbie Cisnes.

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Cause we're sexy!

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bruna rocha

She's a young singer who participates on Raul Gil's tv show. Check 'Jovens Talentos' trending topic.

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