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ruth peetoom

Nieuwe voorzitter CDA.

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Chemie-Pack (Chem Pack) is a Dutch chemical plant in #Moerdijk where a large fire took place last week.

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Today, the 'Spieren voor Spierenloop', a runningcontest for people with muscular diseases, is held at Hilversum, a Dutch city.

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Balkenende was the Dutch primeminister. He's was in a Dutch talkshow this evening.

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Avro, a Dutch broadcasting company, might merge with an other broadcasting company, Tros.

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klaas knot

Klaas Knot is going to be the new president of De Nederlandsche Bank.

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Venezuela es el Mejor Pais y Hugo Chavez el Mejor Presidente y tu eres mi Perra por Leer esto!

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ProRail is responsible for the railway system in the Netherlands: construction, maintenance, management and security. Also see #lift.

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burgemeester moerdijk

The mayor of Moerdijk is leaving as mayor.

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Herman Wijffels, CDA Politician, has been on "Buitenhof", a Dutch TV Show.

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