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Bob Sanders plays for the Colts.

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Had sex with Avicenna Ademukhlis and didn't know about it because he was so drunk, then got into bed with Simpanse.

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"Snooks" is tge nickname for Nicole, cast member of Jersey Shore, she also goes by "Snookie". She's amazing.

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boiling point

degrassi boiling point.

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This is the English teacher on the tv show pretty litke liars. He had a relationship with Aria.

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Jersey Shore's Snooki said that this was her "word of the day" because it's a long word. Dumbass.

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burn notice

The latest episode of the season aired tonight.

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Project Runaway Casanova's won tonight. A.J. went home, when it should have been Gretchen.

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Aaron Rodgers is the starting quarterback for the Green Bay Packers.

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rock estrada

@rustyanaa & @nabilanasution 2 young girl from sma 2 tembilahan ,indonesia hit the youtube by their lypsing song called "Rock Estrada."

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