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Sandhi sandoro, an indonesian singer - a winner of sweden idol in 2008, he was performing an indonesia's president composed song In "harmony" - a live concert aired in national tv SCTV.

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gamal audrey

'Youtube' artists who performed on Harmoni SCTV tonight. They are young, very talented, and they are Indonesian.

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standing applause

@gamal1990 and @audreytapiheru got standing applause for their awesome performance on Harmoni SCTV. Check them out on Youtube. They have some videos there.

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Rossa is Roslaina Sri Handayani (born on October 9, 1978 in Sumedang, West Java, Indonesia), popularly known mononymously as Rossa, is an Indonesian female singer.

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A singer from indonesia. Good voice, good face. Check youtube if you want to see him.

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To zero or to score zero (lose). Currently trending as Twitter was showing zero followers for users for a while.

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Syiiiuuhh. Congrats from the world. They got standing applause :D.

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It is Misha Collins' birthday today.

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laura bozzo

She was a sand worm years ago and now she is in mexico diggin it.

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Nise Palhares is a Brazilian musician and author. She (he) is playing on dolos (Brazilian Idol).

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