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sani kaita

A Nigerian who plays for the Greek National Team.

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Nigeria's Sani Kaita is shown the red card during a 2010 World Cup Group B soccer match against Greece at Free State stadium.

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kalu uche

Nigerian that scored d 1st goal against Greece.

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Nigerians are tweeting about the kind of grammer they speak. A trend started by @JideAboderin

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sarah jubril

Jubril, a 'major' contender in the #pdpprimaries has not received any votes yet.

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valon behrami

Soccer player for Switzerland. Received a red card in game against Chile.

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Danish football player.

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Yang ini sih kutu buku makanya namanya yakubu.

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gelson fernandes

Swiss soccer player that gave Swiss the victory from the goal he made. Making the final score 0-1.

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robert vittek

Slovakian player scoring two goals against Italy in a match they eventually won, propelling Slovakia to the next round.

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