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senator robert byrd

Robert Byrd, the longest serving US Senator, passed away on June 28th, 2010 at age 92.

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stanley mcchrystal

Stanley McChrystal has resigned as commander in Afghanistan.

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arizona immigration

Parts of the controversial Arizona immigration law were over ruled by a judge.

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immigration law

Judge blocks Arizona immigration law: With scant hours to go before a controversial Arizona immigration law goes http://url4.eu/6WJhV.

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drilling moratorium

District Court Judge in New Orleans overruled Obama Whitehouse moratorium on off shore oil well drilling in the Gulf of Mexico.

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ted stevens

Local Anchorage news stations are reporting Ted Stevens was killed in a plane crash.

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Rep. Charles Rangel (D-New York) said he will not resign as he faces charges on ethics violations.

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He was hospitalized early Fri evening after not feeling well.

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Forced to resign for false accusations of racism.

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Christine O'Donnell is the new GOP nominee for the Delaware Senate seat, having benefited from Tea Party support.

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