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A member from a South Korean Idol Group named KARA. Her full name is Han Seung-Yeon.

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Korean show which so disgusting and no quality..

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Some stupid South Korean singer. J-Pop > K-Pop.

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KARA (A popular girlgroup from South Korea) will hold their comeback stage with "Jumping" and "Burn" today at MBC Music Core.

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The band Kara appears to have broken up somewhat acrimoniously, leaving member Gyuri alone under contract.

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Fans of South Korean boy group SHINee's leader Onew are tweeting to celebrate his 21st birthday (22 in Korea).

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goodbye stage

SHINee, BEAST and Se7en had their Goodbye Stages today on KBS2TV Music Bank.

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Shin Sekyung, a South Korean actress, was confirmed to be dating Kim Jonghyun of South Korean contemporary boyband SHINee. Fans, or Shawols, are tweeting about it.

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Fans worldwide are cheering on SHINee for their follow-up stage, "Hello", on SBS's music program, Inkigayo. SHINee then won the Mutizen award on Inkigayo, and fans are congratulating them.

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A popular TV show in South Korea airing every Sunday.

Similar Topics: music bank, music core, gayo daejun, more topics...

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