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sir paul

el papichulo de paul esta en mexico hombree!

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Paul McCartney just gave an amazing concert on Mexico City #sirpaul.

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Translation questions on census.

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Trend definitions are still being defined. To get more information, please read a few tweets.

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El grupo de rock Caifanes di una sorpresa al ser revelado como uno de los grupos que tocarn en el Vive Latino 2011.

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abel membrillo

Mexican announcer Abel Membrillo has passed away.

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Escuchar musica de moda.

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Mexican politic that make a huge mistake in a murder investigatiom is leaving his job.

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chemical brothers

Chemical Brothers will play at So Paulo, Brazil, on April 2011.

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Mexican people are tweeting about super cool, great Mexican inventions, like the number zero and color T.V. -Spanish: los mexicanos twitteamos los grandes inventos que han hecho nuestros compatriotas, que chinguen a su madre los racistas.

Similar Topics: #preguntasdelcenso, #canonmx, #placeressencillos, more topics...

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