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SJM represents Super Junior M, the Mandarin branchoff group of popular Korean boyband Super Junior. SJM is currently trending due to fans' excitement over news of the release of their 3rd album.

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As today is the premier of Super Junior's subgroup, Super Junior M's comeback song 'Perfection"; fans around the world tuned into listen to its virgin play and are now in hyper drive!

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kry concert

Super Junior Trio: Kyuhyun, Ryeowook, Yesung doing concert at Japan.

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super junior held their supershow3 concert in shanghai.

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3 February 2011 marks the 23rd birthday of Korean boyband Super Junior's Cho Kyuhyun's (@GaemGyu). Fans are tweeting their wishes for Kyuhyun who's the youngest in Super Junior and one of the main vocalists and dancers.

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: ELFs are trending #SUJUlove to show our love and support for SUPER JUNIOR, South-Korean boy band and one of Asia's most famous boy band... It's also includes our support to them in GDA.

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Super Junior's Super Show 3 at Singapore Indoor Stadium.

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something to do with Malaysia (i dont care).

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KRY is the sub group of Super Junior The Famous boyband from Korea , the abbreviation of their personel KyuHyun, RyeoWook, and Yesung. Today the KRY first single Concert in Japan collaboration with two other SJ personnel, Sungmin and DongHae. Super Junior Fans, ELF waiting for the concert.

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Korean Boy group, Super Junior, celebrating their 5th years anniversary after their debut at 6 November 2005. The fans called ELF are celebrating this.

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