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Skelton is the QB for the Arizona Cardinals who just guided his team to a win over the Dallas Cowboys during Christmas night.

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josh scobee

Josh Scobee, of the Jacksonville Jaguars, made 4 of 4 field goals tonight (10/24/11) on Monday Night Football to beat the Baltimore Ravens 12-7.

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yard field goal

#Scobee 59 yard field goal beats #colts.

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texans win

The Houston Texans American Football team won in overtime versus the Washington Redskins after kicking a field goal. Final score: 30-27.

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janikpwski wons the game.

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Football players name.

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dave duerson

Former Chicago Bears safety Dave Duerson was found dead Thursday night at his home in Miami, the Miami Dade County coroner confirmed. No cause of death was released.

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Ravens getting some penalties.

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ellis hobbs

Kick returner for the Philadelphia Eagles (American football) was severely injured after an accidental helmet-to-helmet hit during a punt return. After being immobile for 10 minutes he was led off the field on a stretcher to cheers and well wishes from the crowd. People are tweeting their reactions and prayers.

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jamie langenbrunner

Right Winger Jamie Langenbrunner was traded from the New Jersey Devils to the Dallas Stars for a 3rd round draft pick.

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