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Skyscraper is a Demetria Lovato's song that was released on 12th July 2011 now #10 in the iTunes leaderboard; it is an inspiring song about her Journey though recovery.

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Catch Demi Lovato's new music video 'Skyscraper' on E! news tonight @ 7pm ET/PT. The song is currently available on iTunes.

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Fans of actress/singer Demi Lovato are tweeting their support for the star after a mean-spirited trending topic last night mocking her history of self-mutilation.

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Demi Lovato fans really want her to do a new solo tour because they love her and miss her so much!

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demi lovato

Disney actor Demi Lovato left rehab after two months of treatment.

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demi & lovatics

Lovatics are currently trying to own the world with their special power, we're only here for the gorgeous Demi Lovato. (@ddlovato).

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congrats demi

Demi Lovato has just hit #1 on iTunes with her most recent single "Skyscraper" (released today, July 12, 2011). It marks the end of an almost 2 year hiatus from the music industry, due to a variety of personal issues.

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Demi Lovato's fans are tweeting that they're proud of her.

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Lovatics are showing their support for her idol

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The AMAZING @ddlovato's show Sonny With A Chance.

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