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Trending Topics related to sleepy heebum

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sleepy heebum

Super Junior member Heechul posted a picture of a Sleepy Heebum, one of his cats.

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sleeping bangsin

Super Junior's Kim Hee Chul has a cat named Bangsin and posted a picture of the cat sleeping.

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many friend requests

Many Friend Requests is trending because Super Junior member Kim Hee Chul created a Facebook account and many fans are adding him.

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many friend request

all of Kim Hee Chul's doings.

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milky skin kim hee

Kim Hee Chul, of famous Korean boyband Super Junior, has been tweeting a lot these past few days. And it seems like hours ago, he tweeted "Milky skin KIM HEE" which made the fans go crazy over the nickname.

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Because Heechul tweeted a picture of Sangchu!

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steamed bun

Kim Hee Chul from the Korean band Super Junior just tweeted a picture of a steamed bun (Jjin bbang), which is also his Facebook's profile picture.

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Heebum is Kim Hee Chul's pet cat. If Kim Hee Chul was on TT for days, Heebum must be also.

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It is Henry Lau's 21st birthday. Henry (nickname Mochi) is the most awesome person ever to exist (besides Jesus), an enigma of talent, brains, humor, and hotness. As a member of music group Super Junior M, Mr. Lau handles screaming fangirls with easy charm, putting to shame his Canadian counterpart "J Beebz". Henry's fans (called Strings) are celebrating this glorious day.

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skinny type

Super Junior's KIM HEE CHUL (@Heedictator) tweeted: "You like Muscular? or Skinny type?" That is why 'Skinny Type' is trending right now.

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