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Robin Soderling def Tomas Berdych and is through to the finals of the 2010 French Open.

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Banco intervenido por el estado de Venezuela, uno de los muchos que ya han jodido.

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"Mestres" is the portuguese word for "masters" (Magister, in Latim). It's trending because yesterday was teacher's day there and they gently refer to professors as masters.

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"Gs Brasiliano", a company recently owned by Petrobras, a brazilian petroleum company.

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theo bos

Dutch soccer club Vitesse fired their trainer Theo Bos due to bad results.

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Barbra billingsly the actress who played june cleaver passed away today.

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Because Toynbee is amazing.

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katy perry next week

Katy Perry will be appearing on the UK series "X-Factor" next week.

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The day everything seems possible.

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