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SONEs (SNE/) is the fanclub for Korean pop group Girls' Generation. It means "wish" in Korean. They live on

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Im Yoona is the center and face of Korean girlgroup, Girls' Generation. May 30th is her birthday, so SONEs are trending her name.

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Celebrating 4th Anniversary of the World's Number One Korean Girl Group 'GIRLS GENERATION' SO NYUH SHI* DAE (SNSD).

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SONEs around the world are celebrating the 4th Anniversary of Girls' Generation (SNSD) on August 5, 2011..

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kim taeyeon

Kim Taeyeon, the leader of Korean girl group So Nyuh Shi Dae/SNSD/Girls' Generation/Shoujo Jidai, is celebrating her 22nd birthday on the 9th of March! SONEs all over the world are sending their birthday greetings to her!

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5 out of 9 members of Korean girl group SNSD/Girls' Generation are sick. SONEs are trending to show how much we care for them.

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girls generation

Trend definitions are still being defined. To get more information, please read a few tweets.

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snowy wish

Girls' Generation (SNSD) recently released the MV for the song 'Snowy Wish' from their Hoot 3rd Mini-Album.

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It's a very sunny day across the whole of the UK today.

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Kyuhyun of Super Junior and Seohyun were holding hands while duet.

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