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Semifinal of Eurovision Song Contest held today. Armenia !

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People are tweeting about a live TV debate between political party leaders for the Dutch general elections held in June. The debate is aired by TV channel RTL 4 and is held in the Amsterdam-based Carr Theater.

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Joran van der Sloot. He was the suspect in the disappearance of Natalee Holloway in Aruba. Now he is currently under arrest in Chile for murdering 21 year old Stephany Flores in Lima, Peru. He has allegedly confessed.

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partij voor de vrijheid.

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Netherlands national elections of 9 June 2010. TK2010 stands for 'Tweede Kamer 2010' (House of Representatives/Parliament).

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People are participating in a Twitter debate with politicians for the Dutch elections on June 9th.

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Dutch for Orange, which is the name of the Dutch royal family, and therefore also for the Netherlands. Currently in use for the national football team, which will play against Spain in the finals of the FIFA World Cup.

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conny mus

Conny Mus is a famous Dutch correspondant for a well-known newsstation. He died from a cardiac arrest today August 20th.

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Dutch twitter community is upset because NL newspaper Telegraaf called 9-yr old Ruben, only surviver of airplanecrash in Libia. Ruben didn't know yet that his parents and brother were killed in the crash.

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Een voetbalwedstrijd in Nederland om de Johan Fruitschaal die hedenavond, zaterdag 30 juli, gespeeld zal worden. De Hashtag moet eigenlijk #tweaja zijn.

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