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Long awaited game released july 27, 2010. broke sales records for strategy games and sold roughly 3 million in just a week.

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Kinect is the new name for Project Natal which Microsoft announced at E3 last year. It is a controller free way to play games and will revolutionize gaming.

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playstation move

"Wii too!" says Sony

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duke nukem forever

Duke Nukem Forever, originally shown at E3 in 1999, was due for release in April, but has been delayed until 10th June (uk) and 14th June (US).

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nintendo 3ds

Nintendo Japan had unveiled Nintendo 3DS's release schedule and pricing in Japan (as of now 25000 yen, roughly equals to 300 dollars).

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dead redemption

Red Dead Redemption is Rockstar Games new title available today for PS3 & 360. The game follows reformed outlaw John Marston on a quest to capture or kill his former gang as the era of the Wild West comes to a close in 1911.

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iphone os 4

Apple held a press conference today at their Cupertino, CA headquarters, revealing the newest iPhone operating software, which includes Multitasking, Home screen wallpaper option, and GameCenter; Apple's answer to Microsoft's XBox Live.

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Amazon has launched its third Kindle: smaller, faster, lighter, less expensive.

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duke nukem

Duke Nukem Forever was demoed for the first time this weekend at PAX Prime. The game has had a notoriously long and difficult development, which spans 13+ years and multiple temporary cancellations.

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Ubisoft showed off Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier.

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