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sulli cut

Kim Hee Chul @heedictator started it.

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SulHee, sulli and heechul...Goo SulHee..

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Because Heechul tweeted a picture of Sangchu!

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skinny type

Super Junior's KIM HEE CHUL (@Heedictator) tweeted: "You like Muscular? or Skinny type?" That is why 'Skinny Type' is trending right now.

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member of f(x).

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cartoon hee

Super Junior 's Kim Hee Chul tweeted "Cartoon Hee" with a picture earlier on today. His fans are tweeting about it.

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Campaa a favor de la Lucha contra el Cncer de Senos.

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Kim Hee Chul (YES!!) asked his followers what's their type preference... "skinny" or "muscular"... Petals (his fans), ELFs (Super Junior fans) and kpoppers (korean music fans) are really deddicated in keep his name trending haha ;D~ Heenim FTW!

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milky skin kim

Milky white skin KIM HEE CHUL!! Haha.

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Es un actor venezolano que visita mc donalds un dia / Hes an venezuelan actor and hes visiting mc donalds one day.

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