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tanpa follback

People of Indonesia just tweets TANPA FOLLBACK because they want be followed but didn't want be follower.

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tanpa followback

Means 'without the need to follow back', originating user is looking for a large number of retweets by promising s/he will be following anyone retweet the promise.

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gausah follback

Indonesian for "No Need to Reciprocate the Follow", started by @unikzot who says she'll follow anyone who RT her and that she won't even ask them to follow back.

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"cuma di twitter " is indonesian for " only on twitter ." Trending because of @PickOneIndo.

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Indonesia Power on twitter.

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otw sicc

it means that some of Indonesian people ON THE WAY to Sentul International Convention Center, the place Katy Perry will perfom California Dreams Tour tonight. #CDTIndonesia

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People in Indonesia now is on their mood to answer so many pickone question which offer by @PickOneIndo.

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started by a user (@cumananya).. in english "cuma nanya" is "just asking" .. asking everything.. using hashtag #cumanNANYA .. this "useless" tweets updated every seconds.

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timnas indonesia

The Indonesian National team in Bahasa Indonesia. The Indonesians are tweeting supports for their team in the semi final game of 2010 Suzuki AFF against the Philippines, Dec 16.

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support garuda

People all around Indonesia is supporting football national team in AFF Suzuki Cup Final tonight in Bukit Jalil National Football Field, Malaysia.

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