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Trending Topics related to taylor & swifties

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taylor & swifties

Swifties are Taylor Swift Fans celebrating how awesome their relationship is.

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bruno & hooligans

Because we love bruno mars.

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demi & lovatics

Lovatics are currently trying to own the world with their special power, we're only here for the gorgeous Demi Lovato. (@ddlovato).

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miley & smilers

She sure loves to suck on bongs!

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Selena Gomez' fans are showing their support fot her!

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selena & selenators

Is trending because Selenator's will always love Selena Gomez and will be supporting her forever!

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gaga & monsters

Lady Gaga's fan base, her Little Monsters, showing their support for Gaga. Paws up!

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Taylor Swift's fans are wishing her well at the Academy of Country Music awards.

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taylor won

taylor is amazing and she won EOTY in the ACMs and her fans love her

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Swifties, Taylor Swift fans, are very eagerly awaiting the release of the epic "Mean" music video, today at 10 PM ET on CMT.

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