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TFBB is a Twitter app.

Similar Topics: habbo, museumplein, nederlands, more topics...


Habbo, Sulake's online world for teens and tweens.

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Square in Amsterdam where a big Queensday-event will take place.

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Nederlands is dutch for the word dutch.

Similar Topics: cherso, regen, koud, more topics...


Engels is a Dutch translation of the language/word "English." This is probably trending because the schools just begun and a lot of those kids probably have their English lesson at the moment.

Similar Topics: cherso, nederlands, koud, more topics...


Rochelle is winning the dutch Xfactor finals.

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ben saunders

He is a finalist in the Dutch talent show the voice of holland (#tvoh) He is now the first in the top 3 ranking. 1.) Ben 2.) Pearl 3.) Leonie.

Similar Topics: #tvoh, leonie, rochelle, more topics...


VanVelzen is a Dutch singer (@VanVelzenMusic) who is also one of the judges on The Voice of Holland.

Similar Topics: leonie, #tvoh, ben saunders, more topics...


People are tweeting about the person below there or their (?) tweet.

Similar Topics: #opdebasisschool, koud, #wistjedat, more topics...


Ciieee Etteeeerrrr...!!

Similar Topics: #degeneonderdezetweet, koud, geld, more topics...

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