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TimNas here is particularly standing for Tim Nasional Indonesia (Indonesian Football) the best team in Asia.

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irfan bachdim

Trend definitions are still being defined. To get more information, please read a few tweets.

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roy suryo

stupid called-by-self-an-IT-guy.. who is also idiotically arrogant..

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One of the scorers for Indonesia's 6-0 victory against Laos in the Dec 4 AFF match, Oktovianus Maniani has entertained fans with his quality play.

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Firman Utina, captain of Indonesian football team, scored a penalty kick against Laos, in the group match of AFF, Dec 4.

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Nurdin Halid is a stupid dumbass who leads PSSI (Indonesian Football Association). All of Indonesian people very dissapointed with him and starting a tweet with #Nurdinturun Hashtags.

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An indonesian football player who made the first goal against Laos with a penalty kick.

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But I like irfan bachdim.

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adjie massaid

Adjie Massaid, a well-known Indonesian actor and Member of Parliament, has recently passed away due to a heart attack.

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Indonesian football player,He's HOT sexy and Super Cute!

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