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Toanyone is trending because 2NE1, a popular korean girl group had its comeback and released their first official album called "To Anyone".

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2NE1, a girl idol group in S.Korea with a very unique image produced by YG Entertainment, just released their newest music video for the song "It Hurts" from their album "To Anyone." The video features Lee Soo Hyuk.

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Fans of the South Korean girl band "2NE1" called Black Jacks are tweeting about 2NE1's first anniversary today.

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sandara park

Sandara Park (a.k.a Dara) Member of 2NE1. Korean idol for people who dont know her. Check out her acting skills in their new vide 'It Hurts.'

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Bigbang leader, Kwon Jiyong's birthday is being celebrated today! Bigbang is a popular hip hop group from Korea.

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2NE1's best dancer Gong Minji or the maknae of the group rocks her moves from recent new music video 'Can't Nobody' Let's Play 2NE1~ Blackjacks hwaiting!

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#VVIP is the title track of Seungri's solo album , Seungri (Bigbang Member) realeased his mini album on 20th January 2011 , and Their fanbase (VIPs) are trending #vvip for seungri.

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Well wishes for BIG BANG leader, Kwon Jiyong aka G-Dragon, who is now suffering from a bad flu. Get well soon, Kwon Jiyong ! With love, VIPs.

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2NE1 lead dance.

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VIPs, the fans of the Korean boy band BIGBANG, are waiting for the band's comeback! Rumors say that the band will make their comeback this coming November!

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