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Treze Futebol Clube is a Brazilian football team from Campina Grande in Paraba, founded on September 7, 1925. The club competed in the Campeonato Brasileiro Srie A several times.

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Figueirense beat Cruzeiro 1-0.

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alex silva

He's a defender on the team's Sao Paulo who was expelled in the last match. Fans talk about his expulsion unnecessary.

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Brazilian comedian 'Shaolin' (Francisco Josenilton Veloso) has been involved in a serious road accident.

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rodrigo souto

PT: Rodrigo Souto um jogador futebol que atualmente joga pelo So Paulo Futebol Clube. EN: Rodrigo Souto is a football player who currently plays for So Paulo Football Club.

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Bragantino is playing right now against Nautico for the 2nd Division of the 2010's Brazilian Soccer Championship.

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Neymar e Pato acordam, Brasil bate Equador e se classifica em primeiro. http://bit.ly/r7wvX0.

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Fullback Rhodolfo landed on the afternoon of Wednesday in Sao Paulo to sign contract with the tricolor of the capital.

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ricardo oliveira

Brazilian footballer, has just been signed by So Paulo FC. He scored his first goal in his return to the team on July 31 against Cear.

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Sergio Baresi is the new coach of Brazilian's soccer Team Sao Paulo Futebol Clube.

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