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tsunami warning

In the wake of the 8.8 earthquake in Chile, Tsunami Warnings were issued for many countries/islands in the Pacific Ocean.

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Tsunami warnings for Japan, Hawaii and Indonesia.

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pacific tsunami

Tsunami warning issued for countries/islands in the South Pacific after the 8.8 magnitude earthquake in Chile.

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Areas of the south Pacific, Asia and Australia braced for a tsunami after a 8.8 devastating earthquake hit the coast of Chile.

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The Pacific Tsunami Warning center said that an 8.2-foot tsunami wave is expected to strike Hilo, Hawaii, after 11:05 a.m. local time (4:05 p.m. ET)

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They lead at halftime against Slovenia in FIBA World Basketball Championships Quarter Final.

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CNN Hashtag... There is a tsunami warning issued for the State of Hawaii, with the waves expected to hit after 11:05am local time (Pacific Tsunami Warning Center unofficially says the worst has come to pass.)

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plane crash

An Airblue flight from Karachi crashed in the Margalla Hills to the north of Islamabad on 28th July 2010. Over 150 passengers were on board.

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This is where the current outbreak of Swine Flu (a potential Pandemic) originated.

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Super Junior members, Choi Siwon just tweeted that he is on his way to the airport now going to Manila causing his fans(EverLasting Friends) are excited about it.

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