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twin towers

pryor is doing work!!!!!

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The twin towers of the World Trade Center in New York City were attacked on 9/11/01, 9 years ago today.

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UST is the University of Santo Tomas.

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People are tweeting about their favorite memories of the PowerPuff Girls and their favorite characters from the show. It's trending because it was aired on TRANS7, one of Indonesia's tv station few hours ago.

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nine years

Nine years ago today was the 9/11 disaster in the U.S. where four planes were hijacked & hit the World Trade Center & Pentagon.

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It's a Dutch tv show that was broadcast tonight. On this tvshow people can show their imitations of celebrities. A lot of people just use this hashtag to tell everyone what their real name is or just to fool around.

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vmas tonight

The MTV Video Music Awards are airing tonight.

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July 7th, 1 year has passed since One Time hit ITunes, we beliebers are so proud of you Justin, you've come so far. We Love You, your music will stay forever we promise. Have fun in north korea.

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The Jonas Brothers are preforming as a group for the first time today since Nick went solo.

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birthday miley

Miley Cyrus pretty.

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