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Fans are talking about why U-Kiss didn't get a speci stage for ther comeback performance. ^^.

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U-kiss fans are trending #ukiss to show their love for u-kiss.

Similar Topics: #20kissesforkevin, u-kiss, #2yearsofkisses, more topics...


Kevin Woo, member of the South Korean idol group U-Kiss, turns 20 today! Happy birthday, Kevin! #20KissesForKevin. But could also be the 20 kisses i wanna give kevin jonas.

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Today marks the 2 year anniversary of Korean boy band U Kiss and their fans, who call themselves "Kiss Me's" are celebrating it.

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music bank

Music Bank is a music show broadcasted by KBS every friday in South Korea. It is trending now because KARA won today.

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY @chungmi!!! @alexander_0729's mom, @AnthonyEusebio dear wife!! Hope you've enjoyed your birthday!! All the best wishes to you and your family! ^^ Kiss Me's will always support you and your family!

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It was recently announced that actress Hwang Jung Eum and 2AMs leader Jo Kwon will be joining CNBLUEs Jung Yonghwa as MCs for the upcoming Korean pop special, 2010 SBS Gayo Daejun on December 29th,

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Still 2PM is the name of a South Korea boyband, 2PM's new mini-album title. They has just dropped their comeback teaser on their official website.

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SHINee is the boy group from South Korea. Today they revealed "Hello" music video from their repackaged album. Fans, called SHAWOLS are excited about it.

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music core

Korean music show by broadcasting company MBC.

Similar Topics: music bank, gayo, gayo daejun, more topics...

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