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Restart, a popular teenage band with a self-proclamed Happy Rock style, was literally booed by people at the show for winning the VMB awards.

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restart vaiado

Portuguese for "Restart booed". Everytime the Brazilian "happy rock" band Restart was awarded a category on the MTV Video Music Brazil awards, they were booed from the audience.

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Literally, "Restart Pride" in Portuguese. Restart is the name of a popular Brazilian teenage band.

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It's Portuguese, in English it means "Lying in 4 words."

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garota safada

Seems to be a Brazilian band called "Dirty Girl."

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cala boca capricho

shut up! we have ours rights! and we hate capricho! if you read one single page you'll understand! really!

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everybody hates restart

As a reaction to Restart's fans' trends, users are expressing their dislike of the Brazilian band.

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justen bieber

People are having difficulty getting "Justin Bieber" to trend, so they resort to spelling his name differently.

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tio caps lock

Muse fans are twetting this to convince the band to come to Brazil in the "Rock in Rio" event.

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luan santana eternamente

Portuguese for "Eternally Luan Santana". Fans of the brazilian singer Luan Santana are spreading their love.

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